Jewellry Care Tips for TAARA:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

At TAARA, we believe that your jewelry is an extension of your unique self. Each TAARA piece is carefully crafted to enhance your beauty and style. To ensure your precious TAARA treasures stand the test of time, here are some essential care tips:

Quick Tips:

  • Your TAARA jewelry is as special as you are. It should be the finishing touch before you step out and the first thing you delicately remove when you return.


  • Every TAARA jewel is thoughtfully designed and coated with a protective layer for lasting brilliance.
  • Here are some additional tips to keep your TAARA pieces at their best:

Safe Storage:

  • Your TAARA jewelry deserves a safe haven. Store your beloved pieces in your TAARA jewelry box in a zip lock pouch to keep them secure and close to your heart.

Gentle Handling:

  • Just like you, TAARA jewelry is delicate and requires tender care.
  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, harsh chemicals, soaps, and excessive humidity, as they can affect both your jewelry and your skin. Maintain their charm by limiting exposure.

Handle with Care:

  • Each TAARA jewel is a masterpiece, much like you. Treat them with the same care and respect you'd want for yourself.
  • Steer clear of subjecting your jewelry to undue force or impact, preserving their exquisite allure.


  • TAARA jewelry loves a little DIY pampering!
  • [Silver polish products only] Simply dampen a cloth in lukewarm water, add a hint of mild soap, and gently cleanse your jewelry. Rinse with clean water, pat dry with a soft cloth, and watch them shine brilliantly!

Your TAARA jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's a statement of your elegance and individuality. Follow these care tips to keep your jewelry looking resplendent, allowing your unique style to shine through. If you ever have questions or need assistance, our TAARA team is here to offer guidance!

Express yourself with TAARA, and let your jewelry narrate your story. 💎✨